Custom Medals And Pins

Enamel pins, challenge coins, patches, and medals are all types of custom-made items that can be used to represent and commemorate various organizations, events, and achievements.

  • Enamel pins are typically small, lapel-style pins with colorful designs and are often used for promotional purposes or as a way to display team spirit.
  • Challenge coins are small metal coins or medallions that are traditionally used by military personnel to signify membership in a particular unit or achievement of a specific mission.
  • Patches are embroidered designs that can be sewn onto clothing or accessories, often used by various groups such as military units, law enforcement agencies, or motorcycle clubs.
  • Medals are a more formal way of recognizing achievements and are often used in sports or military settings.

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Enamel Pins Made from metal with colored enamel, they come in a vast array of designs, from cute and quirky to political and activist. 



Medals can be made from various materials. They are highly prized and often displayed in cases or on walls as a symbol of accomplishment.



Patches come in a wide range of designs, from logos and slogans to intricate images and artwork. They can be sewn on or attached with adhesive.



Challenge coins are commonly used by military units, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to promote camaraderie and team spirit.


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