Pacific Crest Youth Arts: Capturing A Song In A Coin Design

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Where is Pacific Crest DCI from?

In the world of drum ensembles, Pacific Crest DCI occupies a prominent place, captivating audiences with their breathtaking performances and extraordinary talent. As a well-known drum band, fans and enthusiasts have often wondered about the origins of this fascinating band.

1. The birth of Pacific Crest DCI:

Pacific Crest DCI was founded in 1993 by a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for music and performance. Drum bands originally originated in Diamond Bar, California, a city in eastern Los Angeles County.

2. Southern California connection:

Pacific Crest DCI has been deeply connected to Southern California since its inception. The Legion’s home base in the Los Angeles metropolitan area provides a dynamic environment for members to grow and develop. The region’s rich musical heritage, diverse talent pool and supportive community have played a major role in shaping Pacific Crest DCI’s profile.

3. Drum Orchestra International (DCI) contact:

The Pacific Crest DCI is an active participant in the Drum Corps International (DCI) Circuit, a prestigious organization that oversees and promotes competitive marching arts events. The DCI provides a platform for top drum ensembles across the United States to showcase their skills and compete at all levels.

In conclusion, Pacific Crest DCI has its roots in Diamond Bar, California and has grown into an outstanding drum band with a strong presence in the drumming world. From humble beginnings to today’s success, Pacific Crest DCI embodies the dedication, talent, and passion that define the world of traveling art. As the ensemble continues to captivate audiences with its stunning performances, their stories serve as inspiration for aspiring musicians and enthusiasts around the globe.

Pacific Crest Youth Arts Capturing A Song In A Coin Design

Is DCI only in America?

The Drum Corps International (DCI) has become synonymous with spectacular musical performances, intricate choreography and a vibrant marching arts community. As a prominent organization in the United States, many have wondered whether the DCI is an exclusively American phenomenon, or whether its influence extends beyond US borders.

The Rise of the International Drum Corps:

Founded in 1972, DCI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and promotion of competitive parade art performances. It is the umbrella organization for drum bands across the United States, providing a platform for these groups to showcase musical talent, precision marching, and visual artistry. Over the years, DCI has grown in popularity, attracting thousands of participants and spectators.

Drum Team Beyond Borders:

While the DCI’s roots are firmly rooted in the United States, its influence has spread to other parts of the world, sparking the formation of the International Drum Ensemble Organization. These organizations often draw inspiration from the DCI’s competitive format and focus on musical excellence and performance.

In Canada, the Drum Corps Canada International (DCI) operates as an independent organization, holding its own competitions and supporting local drum and bugle teams. In addition to this, the activities of drum bands have also received attention in several other countries, and organizations have also emerged in Europe, Japan, Australia and other places. These international drum band associations provide opportunities for local marching musicians to experience the competitive and artistic side of drum bands, contributing to growth and innovation in the marching art worldwide.

In conclusion, although the International Drum Orchestra originated in the United States, its influence has transcended national borders. Drum corps activities have taken root in many countries, creating independent associations that have contributed to the growth and development of the marching art worldwide. With worldwide participation in events such as the Drum Corps International World Championships, the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of artistic excellence has become a hallmark of the international drum community.

Custom Coins Celebrating a Summer to Remember

When it comes to commemorating an unforgettable summer trip to the Pacific Crest, Howard Hsu is the man to design each year’s custom coins. Hsu played multiple seasons with Pacific Crest, including as a member of the bugle team in 1994 and 1996-1999. He has also served on the organization’s board of directors and is currently on the advisory board since 2012.

Hsu aptly describes Pacific Crest as “a leadership program that happens to take the form of a marching band.” The statement highlights the organization’s commitment to providing educational and competitive performing arts programs designed to change the lives of young performers and prepare them to be future leaders.

The decision to order custom challenge tokens each year holds special meaning for Hsu, she explains: “As an alumnus of Pacific Crest, you have the feeling that once your season is over, there’s no going back, and you spend time with that group. The moments can never be replicated, only remembered.” Custom coins serve as tangible keepsakes to commemorate each summer tour, serving as treasured reminders of the unique experiences and performances each member of the bugle troupe shares.

These custom coins not only celebrate the annual tour, but also serve as a means for the organization to raise funds. Hsu credits the idea for the custom coin to alumni who have served in law enforcement or the military. The concept resonated with members, alumni, parents, staff and fans, generating substantial revenue from coin sales that goes directly back to the Alumni Association. These funds are used to provide fellowships to members, ensuring the organization can continue to support and develop young talent.

For the past decade, the Pacific Crest Youth Arts organization has commissioned Signature Coins to produce custom coins. Each year brings unique designs that reflect the uniqueness of the show itself. For example, this year’s project called “Everglow” provided inspiration for the coin’s artwork. The design of the central triangle was inspired by lighted props used in performances, making luminous enamel a natural choice to enhance the design. Hsu couldn’t resist incorporating this fascinating feature, and it was met with great enthusiasm from the members.

Together, the custom coins designed each year for Pacific Crest serve as tangible symbols of memorable summer travel. Howard Hsu’s passion for preserving Pacific Crest memories and experiences resonates through these coins. Not only do they celebrate excellence, but they also contribute to the organization’s mission by raising scholarship funds through coin sales. Each custom coin perpetuates the Pacific Crest’s legacy, reminding all who hold them of the transformative power of music, leadership, and shared experiences.


Metal Notes: Exploring the Coin Designs of Pacific Crest Youth Arts

Pacific Crest Youth Arts have left an indelible mark on the music and art world, and their custom coins are a testament to the organization’s commitment to excellence and the advancement of the arts. Each Pacific Crest custom coin features its signature logo prominently on the obverse. The logo represents the organization’s identity and serves as a visual symbol of their commitment to musical excellence and artistic development. The logo has been thoughtfully designed to embody the energy, passion and spirit of Pacific Crest Youth Arts. One consistent design element on the reverse of every Pacific Crest coin is a series of Roman numerals. The numbers represent significant years or seasons in the group’s history, paying homage to the passage of time and the memories created by the performers. Each number holds special meaning, marking a specific moment or milestone in the Pacific Crest journey. Pacific Crest Youth Arts coin designs not only serve as cherished personal keepsakes, but also help preserve the organization’s legacy. Over the years, these coins became historical artifacts, recording Pacific Crest’s growth and achievements. By collecting these coins, performers and fans actively participate in preserving the organization’s legacy and celebrating its ongoing impact on young musicians and the marching arts community.